This box represents the Visual Arts building. I covered the box with textures taken from the building itself. The small jar is labeled college funds.
 Welcome to UMBC, please come in by pulling this tab.
 Once college funds have been successfully deposited...
 ...the building and the program within will open its doors.
 The inside of the box is chaotic and contrasts the pristine outer shell. All photos were taken inside the art building.
 The box is opened to reveal more than 40 cards. Specifically 40 scenarios.
 Each card features a  true  comment about my experience at the school on one side and pictures of my frustrated face on the other.
 There are lots...
 ....of cards.
 But wait. There is more. Go back inside.
 Look closely, there amidst the chaos and disappointment is a trap door.
 This little door holds the most important thing of all...
 ...the POSITIVES. The good things about the UMBC art program, though there are few I am grateful for all. Especially wheeled chairs.
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